A Bernard Shaw Panel



The 2013 International Meeting of the

American Conference for Irish Studies

Ireland Past and Present

April 10-13 2013

Chicago, Il

On the back of a very successful Irish Shaw conference held in UCD May/June 2012, I would like to invite any interested Shavian scholars to join me, Audrey McNamara, to form a panel at the ACIS conference to be held in 2013. The Dublin conference highlighted a lot of new and exciting scholarly research into the Irishness of Bernard Shaw’s work. Keeping that theme in mind, it would be great to further develop how much Shaw’s early Irish background became intrinsic in his work as his virtuosity in his playwriting skills matured. I would particularly like to concentrate on plays that were written between 1909 from The Shewing up of Blanco Posnet right through to St Joan in 1923. This particular period in Irish history was fraught with flux, political upheaval and rebellion. Some of his plays during this period have been interpreted with a much more global theme, for example Heartbreak House as a commentary on WW1; however there is much of the political and social landscape of Ireland to be uncovered in this play. Any ideas and themes of Irishness welcome.

The ACIS require proposals of 250-300 words in length and should also include a brief bio of the author. I would be very grateful if you could submit these proposals through me at bernardshawindublin@gmail.com where we can present as a team at the conference.

Deadline for submission to the above email is Friday 26th October.

Apologies for the short notice but I have no doubt that there are many Shavians all ready to go at a minute’s notice!







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